Does Coconut Oil Clog Arteries?

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A frequent question that boggles people's minds, does coconut oil clog arteries? Even though the modern world has ushered the birth and the rise of fast food restaurants and more desk jobs, people are becoming more and more aware of their health. People are starting to discriminate what is bad for their health from the good things they could do to improve it. Avoiding things that could endanger your health is not just the only thing to do. You have to know the things that are good for you as well, that way, you could do the necessary steps to maintain your health. 

The unfortunate thing is, you could already have clogged your arteries from consuming very oily, high fat foods and processed foods over the years. Once your arteries get clogged, the only thing you can do is to prevent the condition from further progressing. One thing you can do to prevent your arteries from getting clogged all the more is to avoid certain food items and products. Animal meats, processed foods, caffeine-containing foods, and other unhealthy food items are sources of saturated fats which could do some damage to your body. Technically, oils are fatty in nature and you might think that all oils are bad for your health. However, there are oils which are good for your body and will even make you become healthier. Examples of oils which are healthy for you are coconut oil and olive oil.

Does coconut oil clog arteries? Before that question is answered, you should first get to know coconut oil. Unlike some of the other cooking oils, coconut oil is found out to be the healthiest oil on earth because of its composition. Coconut oil has a fatty acid composition that is unique from the other oils, or from other fats that are out there in the world. There are some reasons as to why experts would conclude that this oil is healthier above the rest.

Generally, oils are different from fats. Oils are liquid at room temperature while fats are solid. These two are made up of fatty acids. Essentially, fatty acids are categorized into three: short chain fatty acids, medium chain fatty acids and long chain fatty acids. Knowing the difference between these three will help you understand why some fats are harmful than the rest. Since the body will metabolize the fatty acids according to their length, it follows suit that long chain fatty acids will take longer to metabolize. 

However, medium chain triglycerides are metabolized quite effortlessly by the body. Coconut oil is made up of 92% saturated fatty acids and it is composed of more medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) than any other fat. As a matter of fact, coconut oil is the richest source of MCFA's. These MCFA's do not travel around in your bloodstream like the long chains do. This is a reason why coconut oil will not cause blockage of your arterial walls. This oil is easy to metabolize, thus, you get more energy and it will be used by the body easily. Well, has the question, does coconut oil clog arteries, been answered?

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Does Coconut Oil Clog Arteries?

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This article was published on 2011/05/09